Terms & Conditions

City Lockers module was designed for a stand-alone use, according to the operating instructions displayed at central console monitor. Instructions are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.

Maximum usage time: 7 days. For a larger usage time please contact us previously. After this period, the contents of the locker will be removed to a proper place and subject to payment of a daily rate of 10,0€. 30 days after deposit, items not collected may be subject to auction.

Users are not allowed to deposit the following articles:

  • cash, jewelry, precious stones and metals and other valuables
  • living animals and perishable products (eg, food)
  • illegal substances (eg., drugs)
  • hazardous substances (eg, weapons, explosives, toxic, flammable, acidic)
  • all articles whose deposit can, in any way, damage the lockers

Users should keep and save the ticket or access code under appropriate security conditions, for subsequent collection of deposited items. After the collection of the items, the ticket should be destroyed.

In case of ticket loss or need for unlocking the door for excess baggage or misuse, users must 1) provide their personal data and prove, in presence of authority, to be legitimate owners of the articles deposited, 2) pay to the assistant, at the place, hours of usage, and 3) pay to the assistant, at the place, an extra fee of 30 € for local support and door unlocking.


Price for deposit:

  • Small lockers: 2,0 €
  • Medium Lockers: 2,5 €
  • Large Lockers: 3,0 €

All additional periods of use will be charged at the opening of the locker, according to price list posted at central console.

The modules can accept coins or notes as payment method (please validate in the machine). Change and receipts are available.


Users are entirely responsible for the items deposited in the lockers.

City Lockers is not responsible for the custody of objects, and does not respond in case of loss, theft or damage, whatever its cause, nor the potential losses that may arise for users, including any lost flights.

Users of the lockers are entirely responsible for any damage caused to lockers, as well as any loss caused to City Lockers or third parties from the use of lockers or deposited items.

Users must ensure the safekeeping and conservation of the ticket or the respective access code, as City Lockers module provides access to deposited items to any person in their possession.


In case of failure, doubts or others, please contact costumer service through the number (+351) 914 101 466. City Lockers is not responsible for the potential losses that may arise for users due to technical failure or misuse. Local assistance is not guaranteed between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am (the next day).


For users’ safety, City Lockers module is under monitoring of a closed television circuit and connected to a central alarm system.

City Lockers reserves the right, in the presence of authority, to examine the contents of the lockers, when there is strong suspicion of breaches of the standards listed above. Such breaches imply immediate removal of the items, and responsibility of user for any damages caused.