Frequently Asked Questions

What are the access hours to lockers / stores?
You can check our operating hours on the page of each location: Oporto or Lisbon.

What is the maximum deposit period?
The maximum deposit period is 7 days.

What are the prices for using the lockers?
You can check our prices on the page of each location: Oporto or Lisbon.

Where is the payment made?
Payment is made directly at the lockers console – see instructions.

What payment methods are available?
Payment is made in coins, directly at the lockers console. The system gives change and receipt.
Some lockers also accept bills. To know which ones, please check here: Oporto or Lisbon.

I want to use a locker for 10 hours. Should I pay the full amount at the time of deposit?
No. To close the locker you only need to pay the 1st hour (deposit fee). The other periods will be charged when the luggage is picked up.

How do I know the amount to pay?
When picking up the luggage, you must enter your access code. The system will automatically calculate the amount to be paid, if necessary.

What are the interior dimensions of the lockers?
You can check the dimensions of the lockers on the page of each location: Oporto or Lisbon.

What is the maximum weight allowed in each locker?
There are no weight restrictions. However, we recommend that you do not deposit more than 40 kg in each locker.

I lost the access code ticket. What should I do?
You should contact us through the intercom available on the central console of the lockers or call our support line directly: +351914101466

I did not pick up my luggage. What will happen?
After 7 days, the contents of the locker will be removed to a proper and safe location, subject to a daily fee of €7.50. After 30 days from the deposit, unclaimed items may be subject to auction.

What is the security level of the lockers?
City Lockers equipment is built with anti-vandal materials, suitable for use in public places. For the protection of users, locker modules are under surveillance by a closed-circuit television system (CCTV) and connected to an alarm center. A customer support line is available 24 hours a day: +351914101466. Whenever necessary, on-site assistance is also provided.

I’m a tour operator/agent and have many clients who need lockers/left luggage. Is it possible to establish a partnership?
Yes. We have special plans for tour operators, with benefits for both parties. Please contact us through the form.

Thank you.